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Reloadable Massage Gift Cards


I am giving away over $1,000.00!

I recently purchased 25 printed, reloadable gift cards that I am now offering for sale through my private massage practice. Every card has some free money already put on it that can be used towards your next massage. Buy the gift card as a gift for a loved one or friend, or buy it for yourself! Throughout the year I will be offering specials where every customer who has one of these gift cards will be able to get great deals on massage so get your card now before they are all gone - there are only 25 of these gift cards available!

All purchases made with one of these gift cards automatically receives a $10.00 discount on the entire purchase price! That means you can get a 1 hour massage for as little as $50.00 and a 1.5 hour massage for only $85! It is worth getting one of these reloadable gift cards for that reason alone!

If you want one of these gift cards, stop by my office, pick the one you want, and activate it! No purchase is necessary, but I ask that you activate the card to get it, since I have a limited supply of cards.

Each card has a minimum of $30.00 on it, a couple of cards have $50.00, and one card has $260.00 (enough for 5 free 1 hour massages) on it!

Each card has at least $30.00 in free money on it!

The gift cards do not cost anything to purchase and there are no transaction fees, but you do have to activate the card to get it by putting as little as $10.00 on the card. Once you activate the card, you will be able to immediately see how much money is on the card. The gift cards are provided by a third party service and there is a website you can go to that will show you the information for your card.

Amount of money to deposit on the card?

NOTE: A $1.99 Shipping/Handling Charge will be added to each order

Reloadable Massage Gift Card Terms and Conditions

There are some rules around how the gift cards can be used. Please read these and feel free to ask any questions you may have prior to activating your gift card. By activating a gift card, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.
  • Gift cards must be activated upon receiving the card
  • You must pay cash to load money on the card, checks and credit cards are not accepted
  • Money cannot be withdrawn from the gift card for anything other than to pay for massage services
  • Gift cards are only good at Randy, LMT private massage practice
  • Tips can be paid for using money on the gift card
  • Massage purchases can be split between money from a gift card, and additional cash
  • Gift card are non-refundable
  • Gift cards are non-transferable after first use
  • PIN numbers may be setup on the card for your protection
  • Gift card must be presented at time of payment in order to pay for massage services
  • A minimum amount of $10.00 is required when adding money to the card
  • All gift cards expire Oct 1, 2016

To check the information on your card, visit customer.vigiftcard.com and enter your card number.