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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take off my clothes?

Massage is provided skin on skin. The client must remove clothing to provide access to their skin. Under no circumstances will the client be massaged over clothing or clothing be moved by the therapist to gain access to more skin.

Will a therapist be in the room while I am getting dressed or undressed?

No. The therapist will wait in another room while you get undressed. After the massage is completed, the therapist will wait for you to get dressed. You will always have complete privacy while changing clothes.

How do you provide draping?

Each massage style has different draping options. See our massage services page for draping options for the specific massage style you are interested in receiving. The default draping will be used unless a different one of the listed options is specifically requested by the client. The client will undress and lay underneath the draping. How the draping is applied depends on which style of massage you select.

Is the draping required?

No. According to Texas State law, draping must be provided to the comfort level of the client. This means if the client requests more than 1 sheet, it will be provided. Also, if the client requests no draping or a different type of draping, such as towel draping, their request will be honored.

Note: The client may be required to provide additional draping or different draping types.

Can I get only 1 specific area of my body massaged?

Yes. At Houston Center For Massage, our goal is to make sure your massage is fully customized to meet your needs. If you would like one specific area of your body massaged, we will be happy to accommodate you. This request can be made during a full hour or longer appointment. Please see our page for more information regarding a Personal Customized Massage.

Do you provide outcall massages?

Yes. You have the choice of coming in to the office to receive a massage (known as an incall) or having a licensed massage therapist come to your home, hotel, or place of business (known as an outcall). Many therapists will charge higher prices for an outcall. The rate for the massage is the same as if you were to come into the office, however there is a minimum dollar amount that you must meet in order to receive an outcall massage. That amount is $90. This can be achieved by getting a 1 1/2 hour Swedish massage or a 2 hour Energetic Therapy. I also charge a small $25 trip charge to help cover gas, driving time back and forth, setup time, etc.

Do I have to provide my personal information including my medical history?

Yes. Massage is a safe modality of healing. However, to ensure your safety, it is vital that you provide ALL requested medical information so that we can ensure your safety. Your personal information is kept with the same kind of privacy standards as are required by doctor's offices.

Where is the Houston Center For Massage located?

We are located on Kuykendahl road between FM 1960 and Cypresswood, in the Cypresswood Compound building in Northwest Houston. Parking is available in the back. Come up front and look for the concrete picnic table.

The full address is 17101 Kuykendahl, Suite 100-E, Houston, Texas 77068.