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Couples Massage FAQs

Do I get to choose which restaurant the gift card is to?

Yes.  You can choose from the Olive Garden, Outback Steak House, or any other restaurant you would like.  I will try to honor all requests but obviously this will depend on location and availability of the gift cards.  You also have the choice of receiving two free 1 hour Energetic Therapy massages instead of a restaurant gift card.

I would like to give my partner a surprise gift. Can you bring it for me?

Yes.  We can either meet before your special evening and you can provide it for me to bring with me.  If you have not yet purchased the item, I can run to the store for you and pick it up for you.  You will need to call the store to purchase it and put it on hold.  If you would like a little advice as to what to buy, I will do my best to help you.  All special requests will be honored if at all possible so please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Will I get to choose which areas of my body are and are not massaged?

Yes.  As with any massage, you will be in complete control.  Everyone will sit down over a glass of wine before the massage begins and talk for a few minutes to allow us to get comfortable with each other.  We will have an open discussion where each partner can say what areas they want massaged and what areas they do not want massaged.  I ask each partner to fully respect the wishes of the other.

How intimate can the massage get?
This is up to you.  I encourage each couple to openly discuss what they want from the massage prior to receiving the massage.  Your partner can provide you as intimate of a massage as you want.  I ask each partner to full respect the wishes of the other.  The partner receiving the massage may ask for privacy at any time.

My partner does not want to be massaged but does not mind massaging me.  Can I still get a couples massage?
Yes.  I offer the massage for 1 person.  This is done by myself and your partner giving you a four handed massage.  The 1 person massage is meant for couples where one partner does not want to be massaged.

Is it difficult to learn to give the massage?

No.  I will show you some very basic techniques involved in giving a relaxation massage.  The techniques are usually picked up in a few minutes.  You can use these techniques to provide relaxation for each other for the rest of your lives together.


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