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Case Studies

Case Study #1 - Sciatic Pain

A client comes in complaining of Sciatic pain. The pain was beginning in the lower back and ending in the upper right leg. The pain had been developing for several years and was very intense on certain days. Pain was more intense when client sat for extended periods of time. The treatment plan was to massage the lower back from the spinal cord to the right side of the body. Also, massage was provided from the back down to the back of the right leg (to the kneecap). Pain was noted to be reduced in intensity and subsided for a couple of days after receiving the massage.

Case Study #2 - Trigger Point in Back

A client comes in with severe pain in the middle of the upper back. Client noted the pain was made better by moving arms back towards the back. After further examination of the back, many trigger points were located. A combination of massage treatment of the area, along with the application of heat/cold treatment was performed. Client felt significantly better immediately after the massage and noted the pain did not return for a week.

Case Study #3 - Hip Joint Pain

A client comes in with moderate pain in the side of the right hip joint. Client noted that the pain sometimes causes a feeling that the hip will "pop" out of joint. Client led a very active lifestyle that may have helped contribute to the affected area. The point of the pain was massaged for 1 hour from the front side of the leg to the back side of the leg. After the massage session, client noted pain intensity was not as bad as before.

Legal Disclaimer:

Results and treatment plan may vary depending on several different factors including but not limited to location of pain in the body, pain tolerance of the client, age of the client, conditions for the pain, etc. Case studies are for demonstration purposes only and not specifically based on a client of the Houston Center For Massage. Any similarities are strictly coincidental. We do not diagnose any ailment or illness.